Best Tips of How to Be More Girly girl

Best Tips of How to Be More Girly girl

Girls and women are the most diverse creatures of God. They are like beautiful tint to the monotonous world. If you talked about being girly, then you must also know that girls cannot be confined to a particular norm. They are beyond the rules and the borders that the world creates. Yet being a graceful girl is quite appealing and in this article, we bring you a guide that can help you be a girly girl and be the attention seeker. If you want the world to stay at you with utmost awe, then stay tuned and do not miss out on any of our suggestions that can help you be a girly girl-

10 Best Tips of How to Be More Girly girl

1. Use makeup


Do not cringe when you see that tape. If you have stayed your typing makeup, then then you should change your mentality. Makeup is an essential tool to highlight the beauty that you already have within. Putting some makeup does not make you any less worthy person. Going for make-up is all about decking yourself up. You should always look good because God has given you a face and body. And what you do with it is completely your responsibility. When you are stepping out of your home make sure that you are putting lip-gloss, eyeliner, foundation, powder, mascara, and any other product that you feel can enhance your beauty.

2. Make sure you do not have facial and body hair


To get over your imperfections you can start by killing your facial and body hair through waxing. Hairs on the body and face can make you look ugly and if you want to be a girly girl then you should stay spotless and cleaned every day. You can use epilator threading or waxing to pull off the hairs from your legs and another part of your body. Savings on your body can give you ugly marks. You will feel a difference when you have no hair on your body. You will start feeling clean and confident.

3. Take care of your nails, hair, and skin


A girly girl supposed to be a beautiful girl who has her hair nails, and skin in proper condition. You have to be attentive to watch your body and listen to what your body says. At times when you are dehydrated and your body is asking for water, you should listen to your body and keep yourself hydrated. Similarly, if your body is asking for some beauty sleep, then you should get your body that too. Make sure that your diet is well balanced with all sorts of nutrients that are required by your body. Proper water and proper sleep are also important for your body. And then your beauty will reflect from your skin, nails, and hair condition.

4. Wear bright clothes

Try to wear bright clothes so that you will have a perfect poppy look. You should have perfect outfits for the day outing and formal outfits for the evenings. Make sure that you have enough black dresses for your evening formal outfits. Colors like pink lime green, sky blue, lavender are girly colors. Try to own these colors and your game is on point.

The purse rule: a girly girl always carries a clutch or a sling bag. Do not forget to carry that. If you want to be a girly girl then you have to take care of your little things like the texture of your bag and the color of it as well. Make sure that you are carrying a bag that compliments your outfit well. Try to toss your style up by trying out the new design of bands like clutches, backpacks, Tote bags, etc.

5. The shoe game


If you are looking forward to being a girly girl then flats are not your thing. You need to wear heels so that you can have a feminine height. A nice height is one of the sexiest appeals that you claim as a girl. If you do not have much height then you can even flaunt it by wearing a heel. Flats can be Messy at times. But if you are going for a day out and you want comfortable footwear then you can go for Canvas shoes as well.

6. Accessories


Girls are all about beauty fashion and accessories. Try to have a fun game with the accessories like you should always have bracelets, watches, necklaces, rings, pins, brooches, bangles, earrings, sunglasses, and much more. Try to style them carefully keeping your outfits under attention. Try to add more colors to your appearance. You will enjoy styling up your daily outfits and you will have a good time with it. Above all, when you go out you should also look for a little accessory all things that can make your look amazing. Try to collect those things and use them as much as possible.

7. Your smell


The measure of how girly you are is much correlated with your smell as well. So smelling good is always important for a girly girl. If you also want to be a girly girl then choose your fragrances carefully. The most common fragrances that go well on a girl are orange, lavender, strawberry, Jasmine, etc. Chocolate is a masculine perfume but if the chocolate fragrance is juicy enough then it can be a girl’s fragrance as well. You should also take care that your fragrance is not too strong that it ultimately becomes pungent for people around you. Choose mild fragrances with a fruity flower background.

8. Elegance


Try to maintain elegant postures and do not behave relaxed. A girl’s grace and poise is always attractive

9. Legs crossed


Have your legs crossed whenever you say it because that is a sexy appeal. Try to cross your legs and sit whenever you can. This is a girly trait for sure. Whenever you see girls, you will always see her sitting cross-legged. So try to be a girl

10. Keep playing with your hair


One of the most amazing traits about the girl is they keep playing with hairs. If you also want to be a girly girl then you should always play your health and be a cliché female. The golden locks of a female has always been the substance of praise. And playing with it is a girly thing. If you want to be girly and have a graceful activity, then hold yourself up, breath and try to have a poised posture and keep playing with your locks hanging up on your beautiful face. That will not only give you a girly appeal but you will even find yourself looking cuter.

Final words

Here is hoping that we could bring you sufficient tips to be a person with immensely feminine traits. Go through them and you will be a girly girl.

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